Best Medical Card Insurance Malaysia (Ten Features MUST Know)

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The most commonly asked questions are: “What is the best insurance for medical?” or “Which insurance is best in Malaysia?” or “Which medical card is the best in Malaysia” or “What medical insurance is the best?“

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We are going to reveal how you can afford the best medical coverage per your budget, something that tied insurance agents and aggregator websites are unable to do for you.

In short, if you want just the right amount of information to maximize your coverage while minimizing the premium cost, without the spam calls from aggressively pushy & sales-sy insurance agents…

…you’ll love this guide and the approach we use.

How to buy the best medical care you can afford?
The best medical card you can afford should come with a high annual limit, be guaranteed renewable until age 100, have no co-insurance or co-payment due to room upgrades, will not limit your medical treatment within Malaysia only, will not always remove the hospital from its panel list and most importantly, will not dispute your medical claims without a good reason

What is a medical card insurance?
It is a unilateral contract with an insurance company that promises to pay for your inpatient hospital bill as long as you are paying the regular premiums. Or you can think of it as a Touch & Go card with a preloaded limit that refreshes every year, and only can be used at private hospitals

Why is a medical card (insurance) important?
It gives you peace of mind when you need to seek the best medical treatment fast at private hospitals, without needing to pay hefty medical bills out of your pocket, and minus the long queue + waiting time at government hospitals

The best medical card money can buy in Malaysia comes with these features that you can easily overlook and dismiss as NOT Important, but they are!

1st – Auto-increase in your eligible Hospital Room & Board rate to counter Medical Inflation!
Explained: A hospital Room Rate of 200/day can get you a single basic room 20 years ago
but now you can only get twin-sharing rooms in most urban hospitals

2nd – how many days in a year insurer will pay for your stay in a normal hospital ward
and if things get serious, how many days insurer will pay for your Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stay
Of course, higher is better but the thing is, these fine prints inside Malaysian medical insurance vary greatly
Some will cover you for ONLY 75 days a year
Some cover 200 days
While some will cover you UNLIMITED

3rd – Hospital Outpatient Treatment benefit
Do you know, if the relevant out-of-pocket expenses you paid before a hospitalization is covered by your medical insurance?
But how far before that your insurer will cover you? 30d/ 60d/ 90d before?
Of course, higher is better…

Similarly, after hospitalization discharge, you probably need to return for a follow-up consult
– a good medical card will cover you this up to 6 months

4th – A great medical card design also comes with optional Deductible Features
So you have your company medical card – this deductible feature lowers your premiums and minimizes or even avoids overlap coverage with your company medical coverage or even older medical card you have

5th Also look out for NO CLAM INCENTIVE –
Where insurers may offer you a reward to do your annual health check or even vaccination
Or even refund part of your premium if you never claim

6th Some of them even offer to Extend coverage to Singapore to seek Medical Treatment or even worldwide coverage in USD [USD cover1 snap scroll]


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