List of Top Insurance Companies in Singapore – REVIEW

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This time we at will talk a little about the best insurance companies in Singapore.

So this company consists of companies that do business in general insurance, life insurance, and many more.

We will also comment on the Star rating (review) given by former users of the insurance company.

This list of insurance companies in Singapore is among the largest in the country

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List of Top Insurance Companies in Singapore

  • Prudential – Insurance Singapore.
  • Liberty Insurance Singapore – Insurance Singapore.
  • Allianz – Insurance Singapore.
  • AXA – Insurance Singapore.
  • Aviva – Insurance Singapore.
  • Great Eastern Holdings Limited – Insurance Singapore.
Prudential - Insurance Singapore
List of Top Insurance Companies in Singapore - REVIEW

Prudential – Insurance Singapore

Located in: Marina One East TowerAddress: 5 Straits View, Marina One The Heart #01-18/19, Marina One East Tower, Singapore 018935

Phone: +65 1800 333 0333

Review summary (Star given 4.0)

Excellent customer service! The waiting time was very short, as I had made an appointment online. The waiting room is luxurious. And it reminded me of being in a luxury hotel lounge. The staff is helpful and friendly. The atmosphere of this place is soothing and calming. I don’t mind drinking a cup of coffee while waiting! Unfortunately, due to safety measures, the coffee dispenser no longer operates! Rachelle Tan

I was attended by JULIE Kok at the counter at 7 this morning. I was really impressed with his attentive and attentive service. I was there to cancel 1 of my policies and he explained the policy to me in detail to make sure I made the right decision. His show of concern and concern really warmed my heart. The world will definitely be a better place with such a caring attitude and service. Thank you, Julie. Keep up the good work n GOD BLESS. Ernest Lee

Liberty Insurance Singapore – Insurance Singapore.

Located in: Chinatown Point
Address: 51 Club St, Singapore 069428

Phone: +65 6221 8611

Review summary (Star given 3.6)

My personal opinion about Liberty is less than satisfactory due to their responsiveness & recovery time, after receiving inquiries.

If you write an email to ask about something, you will receive an automatic reply with the reference number…. If you send a follow-up email, it will give you another reference number to the first referral…

If you call their hotline, you can only talk to a general customer service officer who will only help to transfer calls or remove messages, don’t expect to get any answers from him as he is not trained in their product knowledge.

When I talk to the person in charge of the quote, he assumes I know everything so any further explanation I seek is like a stupid question for him … I think they should be trained to understand that not all callers are drivers, like me who I checked on behalf of my employer 🙁 阿宝

Allianz – Insurance Singapore

Located in: Asia Square Tower 1Address: 79 Robinson Rd, #09-01, Singapore 068897

Phone: +65 6297 2529

Review summary (Star given 3.6)

Alliance global insurance when we claimed they never gave the claim money properly, 6 months before I sent all the necessary documents, discharge summary, final hospital bill, medical certificate, Doctor’s Memo, but May 2019 to November 2019 (6 months never gave claims, they maintain unresolved claims .. very problems and problems of global insurance alliance, all customers please understand. the worst of this company Chandran kannu

AXA – Insurance Singapore.

Address: 9 North Buona Vista Drive, #18-01/06, Tower 1 The Metropolis, Singapore 138588

Phone: +65 6880 4888

Review Summary (Star given 2.5)

Their travel insurance claim process is burdensome. AXA did not provide a reason why the claim was denied even though it was a valid medical claim with all documents provided.

Their apps are buggy (lots of blank screens with no information) and their website doesn’t work well using an iPhone (can’t sign in using a phone but works using an iPad or laptop). If a company can’t go to the trouble of making sure their user-facing website works well, it really doesn’t give you much confidence that they can give you peace of mind during your journey. Jan Michael Tan

Very unprofessional. I bought life insurance with AXA. A few years ago, they switched to electronic statements. Since I am familiar with hard copies of invoices sent to me, I do not follow up to pay my annual premium for a particular year.

My policy uses an automatic premium loan and results in loan interest accruing to this day, amounting to more than $ 1000. I wrote in to seek a waiver of the interest, stating that no notification was sent to me. I didn’t find out about this until my agent informed me.

Not even AXA informed me, they just kept quiet throughout this saga for years. Gladly charged me all the interest. AXA refused to give me a waiver and insisted that they had sent me an email that never happened. So now, I have no choice but to pay for this benefit. Gavin Yong

Aviva – Insurance Singapore.

Located in: SGX Centre 2 (Building)
Address @: 4 Shenton Way, #01-01 SGX Centre 1, Singapore

Phone: +65 6827 9933

Review summary (Star given 3.4)

We have fully redeemed our mortgage loan a few years ago but Singlife Aviva is still collecting the insurance policy money marked on the loan. Why didn’t the company acknowledge that the loan was fully redeemed and terminate the policy at that time and still collect insurance money from the customer on the bad loan? Is this intentional or negligent? As a result, several thousand dollars have been raised over the years. Very slow response and incomplete information from officers and customer service staff of the company as well. Kay Chye Wilson Tan

Great Eastern Holdings Limited – Insurance Singapore

Located in: Great Eastern
Address: 1 Pickering St, 01-01 Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659

Review summary (Star given 3.9)

Stanley Ong’s customer service staff was far more helpful, knowledgeable and took the time to explain my policy when I had an accident and was confused about what steps to take. Where else do I have an agent who either doesn’t care to help, answer my questions with a detailed eye when I get into A&E. I think Great Eastern should rethink their hiring policy. I don’t mind paying commissions to good customer service staff from agents who aren’t interested in helping you when you need to make a claim. Most are interested in closing a sales agreement or policy. Lilian Lee


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